Magdalena Novicka: (Dis)connecting migration: transnationalism beyond connectivity

18. November | 10:00

Magdalena Novicka ( HU, DEZIM, BIM ) 

A vast number of empirical studies demonstrate the existence, in various forms and with great intensity, of ‘transnational connections’, and their practical and theoretical significance. The focus on border-crossing activities helps to illuminate those aspects of lives of migrants that remain hidden when migration is seen through the lens of conventional migration theory. Researching migrants’ transnationalism has also provided important impetus for a methodological and theoretical discussion that goes beyond the field of migration studies. Yet too often transnationalism is reduced to a network-like structure, and more broadly to connectivity. When seeing the world as connected, we might miss attending to the social context and mistake connectivity with collectivity. In my talk I scrutinize how national collectivity is embodied in lives of transnational migrants. By addressing the intersections of connectivity and (national) social embeddedness I propose a take on transnationalism as the outcome of multiple belongings, practices and dispositions coming together.


Georg-Simmel Saal
Friedrichstraße 191